Miniature Exhibition

CUHK 60th Anniversary: Miniature Exhibition

The Chinese University of Hong Kong is proud to present the CUHK 60th Anniversary ‘Where Great Minds Shine’ Miniature Exhibition. Featuring four newly commissioned CUHK miniatures, the exhibition also includes 46 iconic Hong Kong scenes that have gained worldwide recognition and popularity among the local community.
CUHK 60th CUHK 60th Anniversary: Miniature Exhibition
Date Now until 17 October 2023
Time Monday – Friday 12noon – 10pm Saturday Sunday and public holidays 10am -10pm
Venue Shatin New Town Plaza L1 Entrance Arena
Where Great Mind Shines
The University’s Main Entrance, commonly referred to as the ‘Four Stone Pillars’, shows the former CUHK Vice-Chancellor and Nobel Prize laureate, Professor Charles K. Kao. There is also a nostalgic school bus by artist Chan Hung-fai and miniature lanterns created by Louise Chan Tsui-mee to welcome visitors while celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival.
The University Science Centre, affectionally known as the ‘Rice Cooker’, is an iconic location for students to hold flowers and graduation dolls while jubilantly tossing their academic caps in the air in celebration of their memorable time at CUHK.
The University Mall recreates CUHK’s 60th Anniversary Commencement Ceremony held in February 2023. Featuring student cheerleaders on stage, the exhibit includes miniatures of the following distinguished guests – Mr Chan Kwok-ki, Chief Secretary for Administration of the HKSAR Government, CUHK’s Council Chairman Professor John Chai Yat-chiu, CUHK’s Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Rocky S. Tuan and Chairperson of the CUHK 60th Anniversary Celebration Steering Committee Ms Lina Yan Hau-yee.
CUHK 60 Lit-up Victoria Harbour showcases fireworks to celebrate CUHK’s 60th Anniversary and a spectacular drone show featuring images of various CUHK icons such as the Water Tower, Lake Ad Excellentiam and the Pavilion of Harmony. Visitors can even try on CUHK graduate cap using augmented reality.
Deeply Rooted in Sha Tin, Inheritance of Culture, Contributing to Hong Kong
‘Sha Tin Dragon Boat Race’ by Chan Hung-fai
‘Sha Tin Chicken Congee’ by Ann Pang and Phyllis Poon
Cha Duk Chang’ by Vivian Lee
‘Phoenix Coronet: The Inheritance of Culture’ by Tim Ho
Fai Speed Cut’ by Chan Hung-fai


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