Alumni Activities

Celebratory Alumni Activities

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Celebratory Alumni Activities
26 Mar CUHK Alumni Cup Shatin Racecourse
Apr 60th Anniversary Mini-video Series: Cheers to CU (1) — —
1 Apr CUHK Young Alumni Career Day CUHK Campus
7-8 Apr CUHK 60th Anniversary GBA Exchange Tour Shenzhen and Dongguan
13 May Wellness Sports Day CUHK Campus
27 May 60th Anniversary Campus Tour: CUHK Stories CUHK Campus
Jun 60th Anniversary Mini-video Series: Cheers to CU (2) — —
23-25 Jun CUHK 60th Anniversary Alumni Art Exhibition –“Where Great Minds Shine” Arts Pavilion, West Kowloon Cultural District
21-22 Jul CUHK Alumni (HK/SZ) Exchange Tour CUHK Campus
Aug 60th Anniversary Mini-video Series: Cheers to CU (3) — —
5-6 Aug CUHK Mainland Alumni Homecoming Day CUHK Campus
26 Aug Global Alumni Forum 2023: Reimagining Global Business for the Next 60 Years — —
22-23 Sep CUHK Entrepreneur Day CUHK Campus
23 Sep 60th Anniversary Campus Tour: Innovation @ CUHK CUHK Campus
Nov 60th Anniversary Mini-video Series: Cheers to CU (4) — —
7 Oct 60th Anniversary Campus Tour: Tracking CUHK Architecture – Past and Future CUHK Campus
19-21 Oct Distinguished Alumni-in-Residence Programme CUHK Campus
8 Nov “CUHK 60th anniversary: Yo-yo Ma & HK Phil” Concert Hong Kong Cultural Centre
18 Nov 60th Anniversary Campus Tour: Exploring the Beauty of Nature in CUHK CUHK Campus
2 Dec CUHK Alumni Homecoming CUHK Campus
2 Dec VIVA E-Sports CUHK Campus
6-7 Dec CUHK 60th Anniversary – Macau & Zhuhai Tour for Overseas Alumni Zhuhai and Macau
7 Jan CUHK Diamond Jubilee Alumni Football Tournament CUHK Campus
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